πŸ’™ BOBBY πŸ’™
Breed: Boxer X
Gender: De-sexed Male
Age: 2.5 Years (D.O.B- 17.01.2017)
Arrived at the refuge: 22.01.2019


Over the last several weeks, a group of dedicated volunteers and staff have been working with Bobby to keep his active mind stimulated and improve his confidence. On the advice of a dog behaviourist, we have put daily strategies into place to help Bobby cope within the shelter environment. When Bobby first arrived at the Refuge, he was scared and unsure of the world around him. Due to his timid behaviour, he would sometimes retreat to the back of his pen when new people would come to see him, particularly men. As a result, he has been frequently overlooked and become one of our long term dogs that is still waiting for his special someone to come along.

Although much loved and cared for, sometimes certain dogs can find the kennel environment very challenging to adapt to and in Bobby’s case, he had reached a high level of arousal which was affecting his behaviour. To help reduce his level of stress and regain some calm, we relocated him to a quieter area of the Refuge, where he could focus on being a dog and we could create a more stable surroundings for him. To improve his confidence, we have gradually increased his exposure to different people, noises and activities. He has come along in leaps and bounds and to see him first thing in the morning, big smile, tail wagging and frolicking to the gate to greet you, ready for his next adventure, is just heart melting! πŸ’—πŸ’—

As much as we love him, we would love it even more if we could find him a Foster Carer. Bobby is an active and playful lad, so we would be looking for someone who has the time to dedicate to exercising and interacting with him on a daily basis, to continue building his confidence. We would also be offering training guidance from an accredited dog trainer, to help settle him in and put practices into place to continue improving his behaviour. Based on the assessment completed by the dog behaviourist, training in obedience is vital for Bobby and placing him in a home with other dogs is not recommended at this stage.

Due to his exuberant behaviour at times, it has also been advised that Bobby would be best suited to a home of adults with older children 13+ years.

A yard inspection would be required, with Bobby needing a secure area with high fencing.

This beautiful boy is so deserving of his second chance. Is there anyone out there that may be able to help him to begin the next chapter in his life?

Please PM our facebook page, email us or drop by the Refuge Office, if you think you may be able to make a difference in Bobby’s life.



Breed: Kelpie X
Gender: Desexed Male
Age: 8 Years
Arrived at the refuge: 18.07.2019

WOW…what a day!

First up, I got to ride in the car, which I LOVE! With my seat belt on, windows down, I was as happy as a pig in mud getting a whiff of all the new smells while we travelled.

When we reached a place called “ANZAC Park” I got to explore and take in some of the beautiful sunshine. Soooo many good smells and TREES…oh my goodness, so many trees to pee on!

Continuing on, we headed up to IGA on Alice Street to meet the wonderful fundraising ladies who gave me lots of love and hugs. I know how important the Fundraising Team is to the Animal Refuge, so I made sure I was at my best…and while my human friends chatted, I kept an eye on things, like all good Site Supervisors should do.

Moving onwards with our walk back to the park, we made a visit to another lovely lady who gave me pats and offered us some water and a shady tree, while we had a chat in her back yard. I love my humans but they sure do know how to have a good ol’ chat. I can see now, why the water was needed! πŸ˜œ

All good things do have to come to an end and we eventually made our way back to the park and into the car for another fun ride. On return to the Refuge, I headed back to my pen, where my friend and neighbour, “Matilda” (Tilly) eagerly awaited to hear all about my adventurous day!

For anyone in need of a loyal companion and travel buddy to explore the countryside with, I may be just the fella you’ve been waiting for. I’d love to meet you, so drop by the Animal Refuge, have a chat with the Staff and they can answer any questions you may have.




πŸ’š KASEY πŸ’š
Breed: Border Collie X Huntaway
Gender: De-sexed Male
Age: 11 months (D.O.B- 18.09.2018)
Arrived at the refuge: 4.07.2019

Kasey is a energetic boy who loves to play. He gets along well with his good friend Macey and they love to run around and play together. Kasey also likes getting pats and cuddles. He is a sweet boy that would be best suited to an energetic family.

Our two refuge dogs Kasey & Macey having a play together γ€€


πŸ’™ BANJO πŸ’™ 
Breed: Kelpie X 
Gender: Male 
Age: 8 years

This lovely lad is settling in nicely and will be available for adoption in the near future, once we get to know more about their personalities and their vet work is complete.



πŸ’œ Macey πŸ’œΒ 
Age: 11 months (D.O.B- 6.9.18)
Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux XΒ 
Gender: De-sexed FemaleΒ 
Arrived at the Refuge: 2.1.19

One of my human friends here at the Refuge, is at a loss as to why I haven’t found a forever home yet and although I know I can cheer her up with my snuggly cuddles, I still feel I can do more to bring a smile to her face.

For now, I feel pretty lucky as I have a lovely foster mum who is taking great care of me and teaching me new things. I’ve recently learnt how to drop. I also know how to sit, stay, wait and my loose lead walking continues to improve each day.
After my morning walk, my foster mum drops me off at the Refuge to interact with my human friends and also give me the opportunity to make a connection with my special someone, who I hope is going to come through the gates very soon. I even get to have play dates with my new doggy friend, “Kasey” the Border Collie X Huntaway who is looking for his special someone too. We’ve become great mates and love chasing each other around the exercise yard! 😊

If you think you may like to meet me, please drop by and have a chat to my friends in the office.Β 

Sending you all big “Macey” hugs!πŸ’ž

This gorgeous snuggle bug is currently in foster care and doing great with fitting into a home environment. She came to the Animal Refuge with minimal social skills and knew no boundaries. Now…she knows how to sit, wait, take treats gently, walk nicely on the lead, enjoys car travel and even made a friend with another refuge dog named Kasey. Her foster mum is doing such a terrific job but this precious treasure has been too long without a home that she can call her very own.

Macey & Kacey which is another refuge dog playing in the yards together 😊