Breed: Boxer X
Gender: De-sexed Male
Age: 2.7 Years (D.O.B Approx: 17/01/2017)
Arrived at the refuge: 22/01/2019

Bobby has been in the care of the Refuge for over 284 days!!
He is a gorgeous boy who loves to have fun and is eager to please. He is looking for a best mate to show him equal parts of love and discipline, because he can sometimes be a little cheeky and needs to be pulled into line. Bobby is the perfect pairing of strong and sweet, and is seeking a solid relationship that he can count on. Bobby is currently living with a foster carer, who is continuing his training and giving him a taste of what it is like to live in a loving home. However, Bobby is super keen to find a home of his very own. If you would like to arrange a meeting with Bobby, or want more information, please call or message the Refuge

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