When you Opt-2-Adopt an animal from our Animal Refuge you are supporting a not-for-profit organisation that dedicates its time and effort into re-homing those animals that have been surrendered, abandoned, mistreated, or lost.

When you opt-2-adopt you are saving 2 animals – you’re giving a home to one and opening up a place at our refuge to save another.


Adopt a Dog


Name: LucyBreed: Mastiff XGender: De-sexed FemaleAge: Approx. 4 years oldLucy is a gorgeous girl. She is generally quite timid when first meeting someone. But spend just a little time with her, and Lucy will show her true colours. She loves cuddles, and walks well on...

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Name: SharBreed: Belgian Shepherd x Blue HeelerGender: De-sexed MaleAge: 6 years and 6 months (Approx DOB: June 2013)Shar is a real gentleman and wants to please. He walks well on the lead, and knows how to sit and stay. He would also be more than happy to spend the...

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Adopt a Puppy

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Adopt a Cat


Name: AresBreed: Domestic Short HairGender: De-sexed MaleAge: 6 months (DOB Approx: 24/07/2019)Ares arrived at the Refuge absolutely terrified of people. He has improved greatly through the hard work of our staff and volunteers. He is still a little hissy, but this is...

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Name: SnowballGender: De-sexed MaleBreed: Domestic Short HairAge: Approx 1 year (DOB: November 2018)Snowball is a handsome cat, who is as lovely as he is handsome. He enjoys cheek rubs and intelligent conversation. Snowball previously lived with Simba, however he has...

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Name: LunaBreed: Domestic Short HairGender: De-sexed FemaleAge: Approx 5 years (DOB approx 20/10/2014)Luna is a beautiful cat. She is starting to come out of her shell; however, she is still a little uncertain and scared, she never thought she would find herself at...

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Adopt a Kitten


Name: PringleBreed: Domestic Short HairGender: De-sexed MaleAge: 3 months old (Approx DOB: 17/10/2019)Pringle and his siblings are gorgeous natured kittens. Pringle is a happy kitten, who loves his toys, his brothers, and gentle humans who pat him calmly and gently....

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Name: TingleBreed: Domestic Short HairGender: De-sexed MaleAge: 3 months old (Approx DOB: 17/10/2019)Tingle and his siblings are gorgeous natured kittens. Tingle is a laidback kitten, who is happy to be cuddled and stroked, but also loves to play. The Ingles were...

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Name: JingleBreed: Domestic Short HairGender: De-sexed MaleAge: 3 months old (Approx DOB: 17/10/2019)Jingle and his siblings are gorgeous natured kittens. Jingle is the smallest of the litter, but also the bravest. He will follow you around the pen, checking you out....

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Foster Information

Fostering is a great way to provide help and assistance to Maryborough District Animal Refuge and animals in need.

Can you provide:

  • suitable transportation equipment (cat carrier, lead for dogs);
  • a comfortable and safe living environment for the animal;
  • adequate containment (fencing) for the animal with protection from the elements.

In addition you will need bowls and bedding for your foster animal.  Maryborough District Animal Refuge will provide high quality premium food for your foster animal.  It is a big responsibility deciding to be a foster carer but a rewarding one.  You will need to be patient and affectionate as you will be caring for their emotional and mental wellbeing as well as their physical needs.  A driver’s licence is necessary to get to and from possible vet appointments and to and from the refuge on an as needs basis.

Dog Fenced